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60 minute Swedish Massage

. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$103.48

90 minute Swedish Massage

. Duration:1 hr 30 mins··. Price:$149.47

Online training


Online Personal Training 

. Duration:40 mins··. Price:$65

Foundation Session 

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$98

In person training


1-1 Personal Training 

. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$75

Small group training in person 

. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$55

Foundation Session 

. Duration:50 mins··. Price:$98




. Duration:45 mins··. Price:$20


. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$30


. Duration:1 hr··. Price:$25

About us

Dibs is a fitness professional from Sydney, Australia whose expertise is in rehab & adaptive exercise. They identify as gender diverse and specialise in training vulnerable members of the LGBTIQA+ community, as well as our wonderful allies.

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12 reviews
  • sara·

    dibs is amazing. with warmth, fun and lots of expert knowledge, dibs was able to build me a personal training program that works for me. I tore my ACL 1 year ago and needed some support continuing forward with my recovery, and dibs is helping me work towards achievable goals and full functionality in my knee. I'm so grateful for their guidance and support!

  • Hex·

    I started training with Dibs in summer 2023 in preparation for top surgery, and they have helped me dramatically transform my relationship with exercise and physical wellbeing. I’m someone who struggled greatly to maintain a workout and attain my goals, but Dibs has made working out fun, rewarding, and empowering. I have chronic pain, and they easily modify my exercises so it doesn’t hurt - in fact, my chronic pain has greatly improved since working with them! And with their support, not only do I feel my strength, flexibility, and endurance improving, but my self-confidence as well. Dibs has incredible empathy and attunement, with the ability to answer all my questions about fitness and top surgery prep with their extensive knowledge. I also enrolled in their “Heal and Thrive” e-course for top surgery recovery, and I’m very relieved to know I’ll have this virtual resource before I can train in person again. I plan on working with them long-term after I recover from surgery because of their positive impact on my life. I highly recommend working with Dibs for a rewarding, judgment-free, and highly effective training experience.

  • Lina·

    I've only had my first session so far. I really appreciate the time to chat and the patience to go over my stories, experiences, doubts and questions about fitness. The clear communication has made me feel very comfortable and I loved the workbook with all the information. I'm looking forward to making progress and continuing working with Dibs :)

  • Kat·

    Deciding to get a personal trainer was a really big deal for me, because I already go to the gym a fair bit plus I'm deliberately underemployed right now due to long-COVID burnout and a deep need for real rest. So I don't have very much disposable income at all, and I do already get movement (at the gym). BUT I had been unhappy for a long time with my total lack of strength or stamina, and since my passion is for frequent short cardio sessions not strength or endurance training of any kind, I knew that to make big changes I was going to need big support too. After an Instagram poll yielded *unanimous* "Dibs!" suggestions, I got pretty excited -- but our initial consultation still managed to massively exceed my expectations. I am 100 per cent positive that working with Dibs is going to totally transform my entire effing life, and I can hardly wait to get strong again for the first time since at least ... 2019?? I will also happily write another review/progress report later if Dibs wants me to!

  • Michelle·

    Dibs has helped me begin to heal some serious limitations I have from abdominal surgery. He has been a wealth of knowledge and seems to know exactly what is needed. I enjoy the atmosphere of the space we train in and his energy is always motivating. I look forward to our future workouts.

  • Kacey·

    I have been uncomfortable in my own body for as long as I can remember, and I've always felt intimidated by traditional gyms and fitness programs-- they never felt like they were for people "like me". I can't begin to put to words just how much of a relief it was to meet Dibs! They immediately put me at ease with their professionalism, and even though I was still nervous to try something new they have been nothing but encouraging and supportive. Queer introverts, have no fear :) This is a place to regain your strength and your voice. Can't wait to keep going!

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